We are two Upstate New York vegetarians eating seasonally through this [expletive] cold winter.  We are buying veggies only from the local farmers’ markets.  We bake bread as often as we can and eat soup three times a week.

This blog, this seasonal eating, is not a project; it’s not an experiment with trying out local foods; this is about respecting the limits of our specific bioregion.  It’s about living our lives eating seasonal produce.  There is no point we’re looking to at which we can sit back with a basket of veggies and say, well this was a worthwhile exercise.  This is life.  This is about depending on the farmers who work the land where we live rather than some international conglomerate for our food.

One of us is a librarian, and one of us is a community arts organizer.  We’re sometimes radical, always feminist, and frequently curmudgeonly.  The two of us are queer and until recently we had a roommate, still a member of the blog, who while not queer literally lived in our closet.  We spend the evenings cooking, watching netflix, and entertaining our somewhat misanthropic cat.

We are beginning this blog to share the joy and eternal happiness of the summer veggies in our freezer and bemoan the unceasing winter of our potato-eating hearts.


Words that could be used to in reference to us that we will never actually use:



100 mile diet

Pollinite (if anything, we’d be Pollinaters)


Eat Local Challenge


low-carbon diet


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