In which English Cream Tea is sought and eventually found

Imagine it like this: you are in the country known more or less for bringing tea to the western world; and you are a serious tea lover who depends on it every morning at eight and again around four pm.  And imagine that you are craving this traditional English specialty: cream tea.

Imagine cream tea like this: a nice hot pot of tea, several warm scones, strawberry jam, butter, and Cornish clotted cream.  If you’ve never heard of clotted cream, or if this combination sounds disgusting, don’t be afraid.  It is actually completely delicious and will more or less make your day.  It may sound odd, since the cream isn’t, as a rule, in the tea, but then, “tea” can be a wildly varying term in Britain, encompassing everything from your cup of it in the morning to a full evening meal.

So, there we were in London, trying to find ourselves some cream tea.  In London, everything is expensive and the costs of cream tea ranged from £12-20 each.  So we abandoned that one and enjoyed a scone-free London, Cambridge, and Sheffield.

But finally, enter The Peak District!  After several hours of hiking through the truly beautiful Wye Dale, an old friend and I came upon the lovely little Assiford Tea Room in Ashford-on-the-Water.  Finally, cream tea!

That’s right: warm scone, delicious strawberry jam, and clotted cream.

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