The Final Five

This week, for the first time since moving to Upstate New York, the only allium we bought at market was garlic.  Which is to say that we found no shallots, onions, scallions, or leeks.  These last five shallots, left from the previous market, are the end of our onion and onion-like foods.  My hope, of course, is that scallions will be in at the next market, but this does leave us with five shallots for two weeks of cooking and since we use shallots or onions in basically ever meal we cook, it could be a sad few weeks.  Or month.  This is the first time that I feel like we may be truly tested in our resolve to not buy non-local produce.  I hope we’re up to the test, and I hope we can find delicious onion-free recipes.

The final five shallots

Veggie List, April 2nd





Salad greens





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