Veggie List February 12

This week, on a blustery day full of snow squalls and sudden windstorms, our trip to the farmers’ market was rewarded with a free loaf of olive bread from a farmer we’ve been buying from every week since September.  Every now and then farmers at the market give us little things: an extra potato or two, a butternut squash, a loaf of delicious bread.  It’s sweet, and it’s nice to know we’ve made friends at the market.

Since we still have some leeks and carrots left from last week (oh, the luxury of markets several weeks in a row) we got fewer things this week:

1 bag Asian greens

1 bunch arugula

3 onions

4 red potatoes and 3 German Butterball potatoes

5 portobello mushrooms

I love going to market, seeing people who we’ve seen either week after week (like the farmers) or every so often.  One of the women I work with came in today exclaiming about the portabello mushrooms at the market and I excitedly told her how we’d been waiting for them to come in all winter.  We only really had one market in January and it was a lean month.  But now, with markets last week, this week, and coming up again next week, we’ve been enjoying more fresh food and have been able save more of our frozen veggies for the spring when the garlic will be gone and the season’s first veggies unlikely to have come in.


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