Veggie List February 5th!

Today was the day we’d been waiting for (for 2 weeks) – the return of the farmers’ market!  Despite the feet of snow and occasional sub-zero temperatures, we came away with bags of great veggies, including some surprises.  Most notably, we have arugula, Asian greens, and leeks!











Every time we go to the farmers’ market we make up a list of the veggies we were able to get, along with how much money we spent.  Next fall, when we have a full year of lists, we’ll be able to put them all together into our own localized seasonal chart.  We’ve got all the old veggie lists in a basket on top of the fridge, a huge mass of scraps of paper and bits of cardboard torn from the recycling.  The compiled seasonal chart will guide us in planning for next winter as we freeze and can food and the amount that we spent will help us create and stick with a budget.  And best of all, our fridge always has a list of all the great (or occasionally lacking) food we have to inspire us for meals.  Well, maybe I’m just a dork about lists.


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